Quickish Gives You the News You Need

By Noah Davis 

Dan Shanoff, who traded in his shooting guard role in the mediabistro.com basketball league for the position on Web entrepreneur, launches Quickish today. The news aggregation/recommendation site is the newest must-read for any sports fan.

We’ll have more from the man himself at some point in the near future, but check out the About section after the jump.(1) Quickish publishes real-time news recommendations to help you keep up quickly with the big things that are happening.

(2) Quickish is powered by a combination of editor-vetted tips from all around the media universe, original contributions and your own tips (all credited back to the original source, of course — including you, for your effort).

(3) The site is maintained in real-time, 24/7 — well… almost. (Hey, we tell you right up front: “quick-ish.”) Come back when big news happens, drop by in the morning or at the end of the day to find out what you might have missed or just visit the site when you have a free 60 seconds to catch up. It’s that easy. And if you have an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device, check it out through your browser. (Save to the home screen for easy access!)

(4) If you want to contribute, it is simple: Send an email (tips@quickish) or hop on Twitter and cc @quickish — or just add #q to any tweet. We’ll be tracking that constantly. If you are the first to tip something Quickish editors publish, you will be given credit by name on the tip.

(5) Quickish was founded by Dan Shanoff, a longtime online media content developer. If you are a sports fan, you might know him from his popular ESPN.com column, “The Daily Quickie.” Have a question or comment or feedback? Reach him anytime at dan[at]quickish.com or through Facebook at facebook.com/quickish. Otherwise, you can always send an email to info[at]quickish.com.