Bartiromo, Thomson, Gasparino, & Wald

By Brian 

For the last two weeks, CNBCers have been whispering that correspondent Charlie Gasparino had advance knowledge of Todd Thomson and Maria Bartiromo‘s special relationship.

Monday’s NYT fleshes out the story:

“Gasparino learned that, in fact, Mr. Thomson’s job was in jeopardy. He explained this to Jonathan Wald, head of news programming, that he had been told by people within Citigroup that top management had examined Mr. Thomson’s conduct, specifically the occasions that Ms. Bartiromo joined him on the company jet. Mr. Wald told Mr. Gasparino to pursue the story, these people say.”

Bartiromo didn’t like this. She complained to Wald.

“Gasparino never reported on Mr. Thomson’s threatened job status. He was urged to proceed cautiously with the story, but some within the network say Ms. Bartiromo’s role in the story prevented it from being fully reported.”

> But: Wald disagrees with interpretation. “We were clear from the beginning about reporting the story to the fullest. We did not air it because it was not adequately sourced. It didn’t meet our criteria from a journalist’s standpoint, and it clearly wouldn’t have met our lawyers’ criteria.”