How Are Keith Olbermann’s Contract Negotiations Coming Along?

By Brian 

Last week, an e-mailer wondered: Has anything happened on the Olbermann contract? Doesn’t it expire next month?” Today, in a TV Week Q&A, Jeff Zucker avoids commenting:

  TVWeek: How much is Keith Olbermann… worth?

Mr. Zucker: Keith Olbermann is an incredibly important part of MSNBC and I expect he’ll be part of our future for a long time.

TVWeek: That would be the longest he’s ever stayed in one place professionally, wouldn’t it?

Mr. Zucker: Well, look, I think when you’re happy and you’re doing a great job, it makes complete sense to stay where you are.

> Related: On the subject of MSNBC, Zucker says “consolidating our ownership in it last year and then having this growth on top of that has come at a very nice time. It’s really making nice progress…”