#AskNewser: How Have You Adapted to Not Having a Professional Stylist During This Time Broadcasting From Home?

By A.J. Katz 

We’re back with the eighth installment of #AskNewser. Most recently, we heard thoughts from TV newsers about what broadcasting from home has been like as we all enter Month 3 of this work-from-home order.

Next, we’re focusing on the “look,” for both men and women. How have you adapted to not having on-site professionals helping you with wardrobe, makeup and hair over these past couple of months broadcasting from home? What have you learned from not having a stylist at your beck and call? Are you getting help from family members or are you going it alone?

I’d imagine you all have even more respect for your stylists than you already had.


Email us this week at tvnewser@adweek.com—or provide your thoughts on your Twitter account about how you’ve adapted to working on your on-air look without professional help, using the hashtag #AskNewser—and we’ll share everyone’s most interesting stories next week.

We look forward to hearing from you.