And The 2015 TVNewser Bracket Challenge Winner is…

By Brian Flood 

Gretchen_CarlsonThe Duke Blue Devils are champions of the NCAA men’s basketball world, and the TVNewser Bracket Challenge trophy goes Fox News Channel’s Gretchen Carlson.

“I’ve always loved sports and lucked out marrying a sports agent. We never fight over the remote! Truly, though, it was all thanks to my 10 year old whose great eye for picks helped me get the win. A true family effort,” Carlson said.

FNC’s “The Real Story” host correctly picked 46 of 63 games and predicted three members the Final 4. Carlson also picked Duke to beat Wisconsin in the National Championship game.

Carlson held off CNBC’s Sara Eisen, who also picked Duke to win it all but didn’t do as well in the early rounds. CBS News’ Scott Blass finishes the highest among contestants who didn’t pick Duke to win it all. Blass would have finished atop the standings if Wisconsin pulled out a victory.

CNBC’s Todd Bonin and CNN’s Bill Weir round out the Top 5. FNC’s Ainsley Earhardt had the best score among contestants that selected the heavily-favored Kentucky Wildcats to win the title.

Defending champion and CNN meteorologist Chad Myers finished 42nd, while former winners Liz MacDonald (48th) and Dominc Chu (28th) also failed to crack the Top 10.

Our challenge featured 57 of TV news’ biggest on-air and behind-the-scenes names. Check out the full standings below: