America’s Newsroom Premieres On FNC

By Brian 

“Look, Bill Hemmer has a new TV wife! It’s Megyn Kelly!,” Steve Doocy exclaimed on Fox & Friends this morning.

Brian Kilmeade commented on the show’s promos, which feature Hemmer covering stories on location. He asked: “Are you going to be in studio or out on remote?” “It’s going to be a mix of everything,” Kelly replied.

Then at 9am, Hemmer and Kelly (dressed in blue and red respectively) took over for the premiere of America’s Newsroom.

“FNC appears to be experimenting again with America’s Newsroom,” an e-mailer says. “As far as I can tell, they haven’t used a title banner over the information banner on the bottom third of the screen.” Instead, they have an AN logo above the stock ticker.

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