Aftermath: “News Is A Utility,” And It Was Here For Us Last Week

By Brian 

Ellen Gray returns from vacation with this:

 It is easy, in the slow days of the news cycle, when every TV reporter in America is seemingly chasing one missing white woman or another, to argue that there’s something very wrong with cable news, and with the news media in general.

Turns out, though, that news is a utility, like water or electricity or telephone service — three other things most of us are taking less for granted right now — and that it’s meant to be there when we really need it.

And if you still think we don’t need quite so much, just ask yourself: If Katrina had hit in a world with a bit less media saturation, just how long do you think those people would have been living (and dying) at the New Orleans convention center, waiting for our government to figure out they were there?

Here’s the rest of her column…