ABC’s Moscow Void

By Brian 

> Update 2:07pm: “ABC News is involved in an ongoing discussion with the Kremlin to resolve this situation,” an insider adds…

“For the first time since the U.S. television networks originally opened Moscow bureaus in the early 1960s, one of the majors has been forced to pack its bags,” said earlier this week. “In an unprecedented move, the Russian government has officially closed down ABC News operations in Moscow.”

Remember when Nightline aired an interview with the mastermind of the Beslan massacre last August? Russia declared ABC “persona non grata” in response, and cooler heads apparently didn’t prevail.

The NewsMax news isn’t new: ABC hasn’t had any accredited journalists in Russia for months. ABC may still pay rent for its space in Moscow, but the bureau is essentially shuttered.

The network now relies on its partnerships with other news organizations to cover Russia. A network insider said the situation won’t adversely impact coverage of the upcoming G8 Summit in St. Petersburg…