ABC News, George Stephanopoulos Announce New Weekly Hulu Docuseries Following Lives of Embed Reporters

By Mark Mwachiro 

What is it like for young reporters to cover an election campaign? ABC News, in conjunction with George Stephanopoulos, is trying to answer that with its new docuseries Power Trip—Those Who Seek Power and Those Who Chase Them.

The new weekly docuseries will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of seven embedded young reporters working for ABC News, as they cover races across the country for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

The docuseries will follow this group of embeds as they record, report and endeavor to hold candidates of both parties accountable.



The seven embeds include Abigail Cruz (covering Texas and Nevada), Libby Cathey (Arizona and California), Hannah Demissie (North Carolina and Missouri), Lalee Ibssa (Georgia), Miles Cohen (Florida), Paulina Tam and Will McDuffie (Pennsylvania).

Stephanopoulos, who is the anchor of This Week and co-anchor of GMA, will serve as a key advisor and mentor to the embeds.

“The 2022 midterms will offer a lot of surprises and set the stage for the 2024 presidential race. This series showcases the next generation of our political reporting talent, as they cover a historic election cycle,” said Stephanopoulos. “I’m proud to help tell this story—and guide the ABC News team, as we give an intimate look at how today’s cultural and partisan fractures are playing in races across the country.”

According to a statement from ABC News, Power Trip will capture real-world moments and slices of candidate life that viewers don’t normally see—and pull back the curtain on a premier news operation, revealing how that news is made. The docu-series will give viewers a first-hand experience of each week’s most important campaign stories as they unfold and show why they matter. The embedded reporter program has played an important role in ABC News’ election coverage for more than three decades. This year’s class marks the first time the network has deployed embedded reporters for the midterm elections, giving viewers an inside, real-time look at the political landscape across the country.”

Producer Ted Bourner of Noble Beast, whose credits include The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth, Slow Burn, The First 48 and Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time, will serve as executive producer of the new weekly docuseries, which will also be produced by ABC News Studios and George Stephanopoulos Productions (GSP).

ABC News’ Heather Riley will serve as executive producer of the show. Jonathan Greenberger, ABC News vice president and Washington bureau chief, will be an executive contributor to the program and his team manages the embedded reporters and ABC News’ political coverage. Jennifer Joseph is the executive producer of George Stephanopoulos Productions.

George Stephanopoulos Productions, launched in October 2021, is a partnership with ABC News that is poised to create non-fiction content that includes interviews and investigative journalism. Content will be produced for Walt Disney properties that include ABC, Hulu, Nat Geo, Disney+, and FX.

Power Trip will stream exclusively on Hulu beginning Sunday, Sept. 25.