ABC News Announces Town Hall With Joe Biden on Same Day 2nd Presidential Debate Had Been Scheduled

By A.J. Katz 

It appears the second presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden that had been scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15, is off the table.

Or perhaps it’s being moved to a later date. We’re still not sure.

President Trump, who currently has the coronavirus, has declined to do a virtual debate on that date, and says he going to do a rally that night instead.


The Biden campaign has now decided to participate in a prime-time town hall with ABC News on that date.

The prime-time event on Thursday, Oct. 15 will be moderated by ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. This is the second town hall ABC has hosted with a general election candidate in roughly a month. The network hosted one with President Trump last month, and it will be held in Philadelphia.

The prime-time town hall will be held in accordance with state and local government health and safety regulations, as well as guidelines set forward by health officials.

Unlike previous town halls hosted by ABC and NBC, the announcement does not include the phrase “undecided voters,” although the network is saying that additional details, including the time the town hall airs, will be released in the days ahead.