Aaron & Jon

By Brian 

With all the talk about domestic wiretaps lately, the Observer’s Bruce Feirstein decided to do a little snooping. He “discovered transcripts” of major media moments, including this priceless exchange:

 N.S.A. Echelon Intercept 22-31-34523: Anderson Cooper, anchorman; Jon Klein, president, CNN/US.

KLEIN: You’ve got to work the empathy angle, Anderson. Win their trust. Make it personal. That’s the only way we’re going to win.

COOPER: I like the shots they’re using of me in the billboards, and the adverting. Cool but caring. Still …. I’m worried it’s a little bit of overkill. And to be honest, I feel sort of bad about—what’s his name. Aaron. Aaron Brown. Vaporized.

KLEIN: Forget him. He was a foot soldier. He had to be sacrificed. This is war.

Keep reading for Katie Couric‘s “conversation.” (Via Romenesko)