Will Ailes Build The Fox Business Channel With “People Already Known On TV?”

By Brian 

> Update: 10:37am: Forget CNBCers — Ailes already has the talent he needs, an e-mailer says, tossing out names like Neil Cavuto, David Asman, Brenda Buttner, Rebecca Gomez, Terry Keenan, Dagen McDowell, and Stuart Varney

> Update: 10:19am: An anonymous cable EP at a rival network responds: “Roger will spend as little as he can to do the business channel — he knows it’s a risk and he doesn’t want to do it as much as Rupert…So the idea any of those pushed from CNBC will be there is false — Roger already has all the CNBCers he wants.”

Following up on yesterday’s post, a CNBC insider weighs in:

“Many of those names (some major names about to come, FYI) are either jumping or are getting pushed, and the feeling is that Roger Ailes would love to snatch them up considering their already established Wall Street following.

You see: It’s like a book already written; he’ll do at the Fox Business Channel just what he did at Fox News: build it with people already known on television, leaving CNBC a shell. Brigette Quinn, Gregg Jarrett, Bob Sellers, Patti Ann Brown, Laurie Dhue et al were all ex-MSNBC-and-CNBC-ers…”