A New MyPillow Ad Featuring Mike Lindell Appears on Fox News Thursday

By A.J. Katz 

Two months to the day after announcing MyPillow was pulling its ads from Fox News airwaves, a new national ad featuring the brand’s chief executive Mike Lindell aired on the Thursday.

Fox News confirmed that what aired Thursday was indeed a MyPillow national buy.

The spot featuring the company’s firebrand CEO displayed a promo code for a package that contained five pillows that feature images from Bible stories, as well as a memoir. According to Lindell, this was an offer worth more than $200.


Lindell pulled his MyPillow advertisements from the network back in July in retaliation for Fox News’ refusal to run a new commercial tied to unproven claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Many Americans wouldn’t know about MyPillow if not for the commercials on Fox News, but the brand has also given the network a lot of money over the years. Lindell told the Wall Street Journal at the time when he pulled his ads that MyPillow had spent nearly $50 million on Fox News in 2020 and around $19 million in 2021. MyPillow had been one of the network’s top advertisers, according to data from iSpot.tv, airing nearly 1,000 spots in the network’s primetime lineup in 2021, more than any other brand up until it pulled the ads.

Of those, 546 spots aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the most-watched show on basic cable, which had counted MyPillow as its top advertiser.

It is not known whether Lindell will spend as much money on Fox News as he had been prior to July 30, or if this was just a one-off national buy.