20/20, David Muir Explore The Problem With Counterfeiters

By Brian Flood 

How do counterfeiters get their knockoffs into the country?

That’s the question ABC’s David Muir and the 20/20 team have been investigating for the past year. They will share their findings tonight at 10pmET.

Luxury handbags, cellphones, Timberland boots and medicine are among the counterfeit items being sold in the U.S. Muir was given unique access to Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, FBI, ICE, Interpol, LAPD, and the LA Sheriff’s department as the 20/20 teams uncovers how it’s happening.


With 20/20 cameras rolling, Muir confronts counterfeiters and tests the products. The results are shocking. 20/20 traveled to 24 cities across three continents to get to the bottom of this major issue, even locating the victim of one of the largest air bag frauds in history.