2006: Less ‘Headline News,’ More Views

By Brian 

> Dec. 21: Showbiz gets 11pm PT repeat

> Dec. 4: HLN has a cool new Atlanta set

> Dec. 4: “From news to views” is a success

> Nov. 29: Grace’s image consultant isn’t earning her retainer

> Nov. 21: Duckett’s attorneys sue Grace and producers for wrongful death; suit raises questions about “post-modern witch hunts”

> Nov. 16: Beck’s “Extremist” special delivers a million viewers to HLN

> Nov. 10: Robin & Co. celebrates first birthday

> Sep. 29: “You’re a big bitch,” caller tells Grace

> Sep. 25: In suicide note, Duckett wrote: “I only wish you do not push anyone else;” Grace defends herself again

> Sep. 15: After being interviewed by Grace, Melinda Duckett commits suicide; Grace is unapologetic

> Sep. 11: Rolando Santos moves to CNNI; the dayparts are reformatted, so Thomas Roberts and Kathleen Kennedy lose their newscast

> Aug. 2: Maybe Star Jones could star on HLN

> Jul. 6: Grace prompts a guest to describe child rape in explicit detail

> Jun. 28: Beck’s ratings are initially low, but they improve

> Jun. 7: Headline Prime spreads to Saturdays and Sundays

> May 8: Glenn Beck premieres; cheers and jeers

> May 8: Ken Jautz wants to inject “personality, passion, and point of view” in primetime

> Apr. 10: Schedule shuffle: Prime News to 6pm; Showbiz Tonight loses 7pm airing; daytime tweaks, too

> Apr. 10: Beck’s show will be called Glenn Beck; will air at 7 and 9pm

> Mar. 21: Fire interrupts HLN broadcast

> Mar. 7: Jim Walton once said “if there is a talk show on Headline News, there will be newscasts on CNN,” but that’s no longer true

> Mar. 1: Questions about Grace’s “creation story”

> Feb. 28: In one year, HLN doubles its primetime viewership

> Feb. 22: Grace marks 1st anniversary on HLN

> Feb. 20: Grace’s timeslot up 181 percent in first year

> Feb. 2: Nancy Grace gets a new EP, Dean Sicoli

> Jan. 18: In ’05, HLN attracted 70 new advertisers thanks to rising ratings

> Jan. 17: HLN signs Glenn Beck; Ken Jautz calls him “the next piece of the puzzle”