2006: Dobbs & Cooper Symbolize CNN

By Brian 

> Dec. 21: Rick Sanchez gets Lin’s timeslot

> Dec. 18: Carol Lin packs her bags; she says “I’m ready to try something new”

> Dec. 12: Zahn explores race relations in America; a town hall follows

> Dec. 11: Cal Perry becomes Baghdad bureau chief

> Dec. 6: Two promotions and one addition in The Sit. Room

> Nov. 22: A correspondent shuffle at CNN
Nov. 3: Carol Costello becomes Sit Room contributor; Zain Verjee moves to State

> Nov. 2: Before election, CNN pre-empts Zahn’s show, pairs her with Blitzer

> Oct. 24: Is Klein micromanaging LKL?

> Oct. 22: CNN airs insurgent video of a sniper attack in Iraq; Duncan Hunter asks, “does CNN want America to win this thing?”

> Oct. 20: CNN believes we have a “Broken Government”

> Oct. 18: CNNI #1 for ten years according to PAX survey

> Oct. 10: Dobbs expands to seven nights a week; and he starts hosting town hall meetings

> Oct. 3: CNN debuts a “News Wall” in NYC

> Oct. 3: Cooper takes 360 to the “killing fields” of Africa

> Sep. 25: Kelly Wallace leaves CNN, joins CBS

> Sep. 23: CNN Newsroom becomes weekend brand, too

> Sep. 11: Ronaldo Santos becomes senior VP for international relations


> Sep. 1: Her contract wasn’t renewed, so Daryn Kagan says goodbye to CNN; later, she launches an inspirational web site called DarynKagan.com

> Aug. 29: Kyra Phillips leaves her mic on during a bathroom break

> Aug. 24: CNN walks In The Footsteps of bin Laden

> Aug. 16: Ed Litvak becomes American Morning’s EP

> Aug. 15: CNN announces streamlined daytime programming; CNN Newsroom will premiere Sep. 4; American Morning shrinks

> Aug. 11: CNN is making “substantial progress” closing the demo gap, Kent says

> Aug. 9: Cooper stays in the Middle East for a long time

> Aug. 7: Christiane Amanpour starts hosting “quarterly specials;” her first is about AIDS orphans in Kenya

> Aug. 3: Sam Feist adds “political director” to his duties

> Jul. 31: CNN is still, barely, the “most trusted name in news”

> Jul. 23: During the Middle East conflict, CNN abuses the “breaking news” banner

> Jul. 19: CNN’s brand spanking new Weather Center

> Jul. 18: CNN airs Bush’s expletive; other nets bleep it

> Jul. 15: This Week At War replaces On The Story

> Jun. 21: Cooper interviews Angelina Jolie, prompting criticism, high ratings, and a spike in donations; Later: “Celebrity News Network?

> Jun. 12: Klein wants to grow American Morning’s audience

> Jun. 10: Pipeline is a tough sell; CNN is talking to cable ops and broadband providers about distribution

> Jun. 8: CNN experiments with “A Week At War” specials

> May 31: Cooper’s “Dispatches From The Edge” is hot
> May 22: CNN promotes “the best political team in television”

> May 19: Walton says “CNN Worldwide brings in more than twice as much revenue as Fox News”

> May 17: Mark Nelson is officially the VP of CNN Productions

> May 15: CNN prematurely airs Bush speech, after NBC stage manager cued the president early

> May 14: “I think CNN is going to undergo a big shakeup in the next three to six months,” NYT’s Bill Carter predicts; later, he says the net has “bland people”

> Apr. 21: CNN to host three summits with the Clinton Global Initiative

> Mar. 31: Dobbs is “sui generis,” Klein says

> Mar. 24: Ed Henry to White House, Dana Bash and Andrea Koppel to Capitol Hill
> Mar. 22: Morning VP Kim Bondy steps down

> Mar. 21: Gallup and CNN end 14-year partnership

> Mar. 15: Greg Liebman and Keith Berkelhamer become ad VPs

> Mar. 10 and 15: Two negative stories about Larry King prompt FNCers to say “we respect Larry;” finally, Klein defends King

> Feb. 28: Dobbs drives the Dubai ports deal controversy; later, he “wins”

> Feb. 24: Ted Turner exits the Time Warner board

> Feb. 15: Lou Dobbs starts getting press; later, more and more and more

> Feb. 14: Anne Woodward becomes VP for technical ops

> Feb. 13: Phil Kent says “the deficit at CNN in the past was skill level of producer”

> Feb. 13: Buzzing about Jack Cafferty

> Feb. 10: CNNI unveils spectacular, clean new graphics

> Feb. 1: John Roberts joins CNN

> Jan. 16: CNNI cancels Diplomatic License, a weekly look at the United Nations

> Jan. 16: CNN adds conservatives: J.C. Watts becomes contributor; Bill Bennett too

> Jan. 16: Iran bans CNN, citing a translating error; the interpretation company fires the translator; the ban is lifted

> Jan. 9: Spending millions to promote Anderson Cooper; later, “stop CNN before it kills Anderson”

> Jan. 9: CNN makes more money than Fox News

> Jan. 7: Jon Klein says Paula Zahn Now is getting “stronger”