YouTube’s New Feature Connects TVs and Phones Seamlessly

By Jessica Lerner 

More features, fewer problems.

As more people watch YouTube on their TVs, one challenge for the company was to keep the experience simple, streamlined and intuitive while simultaneously bringing the best of YouTube to the television.

As a result, YouTube is launching a new feature today that allows viewers to link their TV to their iOS or Android phone, letting them dive deeper into their favorite YouTube content while watching on the big screen.


With their phones synced to the TV, viewers may engage directly with the video they’re watching from the comfort of their phones. While viewers watch on the big screen, it’s simpler to read video descriptions, write comments, share the video with a friend or support their favorite producers by sending a Super Chat.

Both phones and televisions must be linked to the same YouTube account to accomplish this. Then users need to open the YouTube app on their TV, go to the YouTube app on their phone and tap “Connect” on the screen that appears. It’s as simple as that.