What Fans Love About Bachelor in Paradise

By Karen Fratti 

Bachelor in Paradise is heating up on Monday nights. While it doesn’t do as well as the Bachelorette did over the summer, it still has fans gawking. We asked Whipclip, the platform that lets viewers clip and legally share their favorite moments, to gather the top clips from this week.

Megan arrives in Paradise, but her Spanish isn’t up to par

Joe says Juelia is “okay,” but he was waiting on Samantha


Joe comes clean 

Samantha and Joe have a flirty photoshoot when she arrives

Ashley S. has some very poetic words for her tough times with Dan

Kirk and Carly get a fantasy suite together

Joe has a romantic hangout in the hot tub while Juelia talks to her daughter

Juelia tries to have a civil conversation with Joe

Joe doesn’t want to lose Samantha over drama