Bravo Integrating Dubsmash Into Programming

By Karen Fratti 

If you haven’t gotten into Dubsmash yet, you probably should start. Bravo, E!, and Oxygen are launching a partnership with the app for the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion tonight. Fans can create Dubsmashes of their favorite moments and they’ll be featured on-air. Dubsmashes are sort of the new selfie, but looping videos. Like this #RHONY one:


Fans are into it. Bravo says in an official statement that Dubsmash will  be integrated into more programming soon. Ellen Stone, executive Vice President of marketing for the Bravo and Oxygen says that: 

“Viewers today are incredibly engaged on social, so we’re constantly seeking new ways to deliver them relevant and exciting content on their preferred platforms. Dubsmash has become a cultural phenomenon, and this partnership will give our passionate fan base recognition in a fun, quirky and interactive way, all while celebrating their favorite shows.”

It’s OK, we don’t know that they make much sense either, but if viewers are using it, you might as well try it. Also, reality shows like The Real Housewives lend themselves to miming on a loop.