Streaming Sets Another Record, According to Nielsen

By Jessica Lerner 

Streaming keeps on keeping on.

According to Nielsen’s The Gauge, streaming continued to be the most popular TV format in September, accounting for 36.9% of all television viewing and setting a new record.

Broadcast saw gains as well, increasing its share of TV to 24.2%, while cable saw a decrease to 33.8%. Overall, television viewing increased by 2.4% month-over-month.


With a 12.4% increase in usage in September, the broadcast category experienced the biggest month-over-month growth, propelled by a remarkable 22% spike in sports viewing. As a result, broadcast gained 2.1 share points in September month-over-month, giving it its highest television share since May 2022. Year-over-year, broadcast decreased by 7.1% from 2021 and lost 2.1 share points.

Despite a 40% rise in sports viewing, cable consumption in September essentially held steady from August. It lost 0.7 share points in September to finish at 33.8%, its lowest share, as a result of the growth in broadcast and streaming. Year-over-year, cable’s viewing volume fell by 9.3% and 3.8 share points.

In September, the streaming category saw a 2.0 share point increase. Compared to the previous year, streaming usage climbed 34.6% and 9.2 share points.

YouTube reached a platform-best 8.0% share, tying Netflix’s previous high from July and taking first place among all streaming services.

And with 3.8% of the streaming market, Hulu also saw a record-high share.

Despite maintaining a 2.9% market share, Prime Video saw a +34.7% year-over-year growth in viewing because of the popularity of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and Thursday Night Football games.

HBO Max experienced the biggest growth in usage (+9.9%), partly due to House Of The Dragon and Game Of Thrones viewing.