Rutherford Falls Canceled After 2 Seasons at Peacock

By Jessica Lerner 

Peacock has canceled Rutherford Falls after two seasons, less than three months after the second season aired.

Following the cancelation, creator Sierra Teller Ornelas took to Twitter to express her hope the show might be saved by another streaming service or television network.

“It’s been my life’s honor to make Rutherford Falls, something that reflects Native life as I’ve always seen it and felt it, filled with excellence and silliness and love,” she said. “I have to believe we’re not done yet, and pray we find a new home for this awesome show.”


The series follows Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), two longtime friends whose friendship is put to the test when a tragedy strikes their tiny community. After the mayor proposes to relocate a statue of Nathan’s ancestor because drivers keep hitting it, he sets out on a mission to keep the statue in its current location. But because Nathan’s ancestor was notorious for attacking Reagan’s people during the colonial era, Reagan must choose between allegiance to her buddy and to her people, the fictitious Minishonka Nation.

“Forever grateful to Mike, Ed, Jana, Michael, Jesse, the entire cast, crew, and support staff who risked freaking covid, risked sharing their stories and histories to make this show,” Orenlas added. “We started something that’ll never be stopped. We ain’t done, but what we made will stand the test of time.”