Newsy Goes #OffTheTrail for Young Voters

By Steve Safran 

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.38.27 PMNewsy, the D.C.-based news video service, is launching a series leading up to the election to explore issues it believes need more attention. The company announced its #OffTheTrail plan Wednesday afternoon.

Among the stories on Newsy’s Off The Trail coverage right now are pieces on undocumented immigrants getting out the vote in Arizona,  Voter ID issues, and this story of a former high school biology teacher who is now the CEO of a cannabis growing company:

Each piece runs about two to three minutes. Newsy’s target audience is younger than traditional news viewers. Its pieces are aimed at millennials. From the press release:

“Instead of talking about the candidates’ every move, we’re focusing on the issues that matter in this year’s presidential election,” said Blake Sabatinelli, general manager of Newsy. “‘#OffTheTrail’ continues our mission of providing the analysis and perspective that sets us apart from our competition’s obsession with the election horserace.”

Earlier this month, we reported on Newsy’s deal to bring its content to Hulu. We can’t help but notice that “Off The Trail” has the same initials as “OTT.” Newsy is available OTT, that is to say “Over The Top,” on services like Apple TV, Roku, Sling TV and other non-cable forms of delivery.

Newsy is owned by E.W. Scripps Company.