Hulu Loses Paramount and MGM Films After Epix Deal Expires

By Jessica Lerner 

Hulu’s movie library has shrunk.

The streamer’s deal with Epix, which gave the streamer access to movies from Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate and a number of other studios, expired on March 23, according to The Streamable. Hulu’s Epix collection comprised a few hundred pictures from MGM and Paramount, meaning Hulu’s film choices have shrunk significantly.

Epix is still Paramount’s pay-one holder for its films after they leave theaters, but the two companies struck an agreement in June 2021 for non-exclusive rights to Epix’s extensive catalog, which at the time totaled over 2,500 titles. Some movies were also able to be streamed on Paramount+ just 45 days after they were released in theaters, thanks to this partnership.


As Paramount announced at its investors day in March, beginning with Paramount Pictures’ 2024 slate, all of the studio’s films will be exclusively available on Paramount+.

“While this move certainly changes things for Hulu, things may be changing for Epix as well, following Amazon’s acquisition of MGM,” Streamable reports.

The topic of what Amazon will do with Epix now that MGM and Amazon have concluded their merger earlier this month has arisen. Industry sources have previously stated that Amazon is unlikely to wish to maintain a single linear cable channel, and that the streaming service might be replaced with a channel for Prime Video programming.

So, if Amazon decides to shutdown Epix and prior partnerships don’t transfer to Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ would become Paramount Pictures’ new pay-one holder immediately, and Prime Video would ultimately become MGM’s new pay-one holder, the Streamable reports.