HBO to Fix House of the Dragon Visual Effects Mistake

By Jessica Lerner 

After eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a visual effects mistake in the latest House of the Dragon episode, HBO is planning to rectify the error on its streaming platforms.

In Season 1, Episode 3, King Viserys (Paddy Considine) hands a message to a soldier, but the actor’s ring and pinky fingers are green.

Considine’s fingers were probably covered with green fabric to allow them to be edited in post-production. The fingers were most likely meant to be edited to have wounds or removed entirely as King Viserys’ strange disease has left open sores and threatened his fingers.


But even before House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones universe had a history of obvious errors, with the most notable being the appearance of a coffee cup in Season 8, Episode 4.

The coffee cup was visible during a celebratory feast in Winterfell, and fans quickly picked up on it, taking to social media to mock it and celebrate the error.

Hauke Richter, an art designer for Game of Thrones Seasons 4–8, commented recently on that viral moment from Season 8, saying it’s not unusual for such misplaced components to make it into TV shows and movies unintentionally, according to Variety.

He noted things can be forgotten and believes the mistake was blown out of proportion, per the news outlet.