Hack My Life Using Tumblr Content for Segment

By Karen Fratti 

Tru TV’s Hack My Life returns for its second season tonight and in an effort to get viewers involved, they’re asking fans to submit their own life hacks via Tumblr.

There’s a weekly segment during the show called Tumblr Hack Mail and the best hacks will be featured on the show by hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen. If you have a photo or video with your hack, all the better.

Last season, Tru TV says that Hack my Life drove high viewer engagement:


delivering more than 16.5 million overall impressions and nearly 200,000 overall engagements. The initiative scored robust growth, with nearly 21,000 new followers gained over the course of the first season.

It was also an early adopter of harnessing Tumblr’s reputation with creators to make it a major component of the show and production process of the weekly series.