CNN Tops Rankings for Unique Visitors and Video Streams

By Karen Fratti 

Cable news has successfully made the pivot to digital as seen by the increasingly high numbers regarding video plays and devices. According to comScore, CNN Digital is still the leader when it comes to multi-platform plays and streams for February, but other networks aren’t far behind. Here’s how the networks line up.


  • CNN: 93 million uniques
  • Yahoo News: 87 million uniques
  • 81 million uniques
  • 77 million uniques
  • The New York Times: 77 million uniques
  • 73 million uniques


  • CNN:  1.7 billion views
  • Yahoo News: 1.2 billion views
  • 1.1 billion views
  • 890 million views
  • 884 million views
  • The New York Times: 721 million views


  • CNN:  259 million streams
  • Yahoo News: 147 million streams
  • 146 million streams
  • 90 million streams
  • MSN News: 64 million streams
  • 34 million streams

In January as well, CNN topped the rankings across the board when it came to visitors and streams, too.