What’s Better Than Siri and the Cookie Monster?

By Karen Fratti 

Each week, iSpot.tv brings Lost Remote their rankings of the top ads according to digital share of voice, tracking online views and social actions connected to each ad. Here’s the top ten for this week. 

Apple makes the rankings with two ads. One with Siri and the Sesame Street muppet and the other in a roundabout way, through an older AT&T ad featuring Siri. Of course, Puppymonkeybaby is back again, too. Queue the collective groan.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

powered by iSpot.tv


1. Timer: Cookie Monster

5.93% Digital SOV  3,701,378 Online Views  150,995 Social Actions

2. Champagne Calls

1.88% Digital SOV  3,536,321 Online Views  26,834 Social Actions

3. Tree

0.89% Digital SOV  2,551,104 Online Views  4,737 Social Actions

4. Candyman

0.80% Digital SOV  2,284,125 Online Views  4,006 Social Actions

5. Puppymonkeybaby

0.70% Digital SOV  517,984 Online Views  16,938 Social Actions

6. One Day

0.42% Digital SOV  855,562 Online Views  5,306 Social Actions

7. Siri

0.35% Digital SOV  11,063 Online Views  10,798 Social Actions

8. The Portrait

0.31% Digital SOV  806,702 Online Views  2,447 Social Actions

9. Canoe

0.31% Digital SOV  98,779 Online Views  8,540 Social Actions

10. Magic Jingle Disappearing Agents

0.23% Digital SOV  767,076 Online Views  120 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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