Chief Operating Officer, Redeemed Media

By Cory Bergman 

Redeemed Media is seeking candidates for the position of COO for the
launch of an independent 24/7 cable channel.

Candidates must be fully aware that we are an early-stage company
seeking seed capital. Salary negotiations will be contingent upon the
firm’s ability to secure equity financing.

At this time plans are for the channels signal to originate from the
Dallas–Arlington–Fort Worth region, but could originate from the
Houston–Baytown–Sugarland, or San Antonio market depending upon the
firm’s ability to attract equity financing in a particular market.
Candidate must be willing to relocate.

For details about this position please submit letter of inquiry.

Basic Requirements:

Candidate must have proven executive level management experience in
either broadcast or cable television.

Candidate must have experience running day-to-day operations of a
major market broadcast TV station or cable head-end.

Candidate must have experience overseeing at least a $10 million
annual budget.

Candidate must have willingness and ability to help secure equity

To apply, submit letter of inquiry to