BBC Earth Launches New Shows, Live Panda Cams

By Karen Fratti 

bbcearthJust in case you didn’t have enough fall television to catch up on, the BBC has released a new channel of sorts on their website. BBC Earth will have ten content “strands” of new shows and the site will also be home to it’s archives. The content hub is meant to complement BBC America’s Earth Night every Tuesday. Editor Matt Walker says in the release:

We share a never ending curiosity with our audience and being digital allows us to interact more closely with them. We want people to share their own content with us and their network through social media and show us what inspires them. Our mission is to bring visitors to BBC Earth something amazing every single day and we have an incredible wealth of content to offer from mind-bending stories to stunning photography and film that will change the way one thinks about our universe.

Apart from shows and movies like “Planet Earth,” and “Walking With Dinosaurs,” there’s an ‘Amazing Moments‘ vertical where new clips are posted everyday — like hydroplaning dolphins or anacondas giving birth (spoiler alert: it’s gross). There’s also the Discoveries section, which is more like a Gawker style blog for nature. Sample headline: ‘The Octupus That Strangled Its Lover.’


Viewers can watch on the website or on YouTube, and follow the channel for updates @BBCEarth_BBCA. Because who doesn’t need a little panda action over lunch?