Use Your Smartphone for Novel Writing & Editing: NaNoWriMo Tip #22

By Jason Boog 

Running out of free time to write? Instead of playing games on your smartphone, start drafting your novel using Simplenote or Evernote–programs that let you type on your smartphone, add some more on your lunch hour, and then come home to finish the draft on your own computer.

The New York Times profiled two notetaking companies yesterday. Here’s more from the article, illustrating how these programs work: “Jonathan Beilin, a game developer and writer in Sunnyvale, Calif., uses Simplenote with his desktop PC, his Apple laptop, his iPad and his iPhone. He may write down ideas for his blog in the morning on his iPad; then, when he switches to his laptop later in the day, the rough draft is waiting for him.”

This is our twenty-second NaNoWriMo Tip of the Day. As writers around the country join the writing marathon this month, we will share one piece of advice or writing tool to help you cope with this daunting project. (Image via Simplenote)