Kensington to Launch a New Science Fiction and Fantasy Imprint

By Maryann Yin 

kensington 200Kensington Publishing announced plans to launch a new digital imprint called Rebel Base Books. All of the editors at this independent publisher will acquire science fiction and fantasy manuscripts for this new division with a special focus on three subgenres: “space travel and traditional ‘soft’ science fiction thrillers,” “alternate worlds and histories,” and “classic epic fantasy.”

Barb Hendee has signed a two-book deal with the new imprint. The publication date for Hendee’s new eBook, a novel entitled Through a Dark Glass, has been scheduled for Fall 2017.

Lynn Cully, the publisher, gave this statement in the press release: “While Kensington has a storied science fiction and fantasy backlist of authors and titles, including such luminaries as Philip K. Dick, we’ve never delved so deeply into this crowd-pleasing category. We know that these readers are very passionate and discerning, so we’re going to be highly selective in forming our list. I am thrilled that we’re going to make a home for these highly popular genres.”