Elizabeth Gilbert on Pursuing Success

By Maryann Yin Comment

Elizabeth Gilbert Photo (GalleyCat)Elizabeth Gilbert has revealed her secret to success in a piece published by Good Housekeeping. For Gilbert, it’s all about showing up. She doesn’t think she could be considered “the best” at any particular talent, but she is always willing to present her work for the world to behold. Here’s an excerpt:

“My strategy is the same as ever: I may not win, but you will know that I was here. I still bring three carloads of effort to every endeavor. (That’s certainly how I became a professional writer: I wouldn’t quit submitting my work until publishers yielded.) The uniquely talented pastry chef with his fancy dessert still usually wins the big prestige prizes, but you know what? People have to acknowledge me anyhow, because I won’t go away.”

In recent years, Gilbert has offered many bits of advice to her readers. On the topic of self-editing, she recommends doing it “fearlessly and fast.” On the topic of passion, she thinks that those who have not yet discovered their passion should follow their curiosity. On the topic of moving on after great success, she feels that the best course of action is to “go home.”