CNET Publishes New Story by Daniel Torday

By Dianna Dilworth 

Tech news site CNET has published a new short story from author Daniel Torday.

The news site has been expanding its literary endeavors. Recently, the site published the first-ever crowdsourced science fiction novel called, “Crowd Control.”

Torday’s story, Amos Abrams Dreams of VR Tenure, is running on a new section of the site called Technically Literate, a new series of illustrated works of fiction that launched in March. The story is about a literature professor that teaches his course through a virtual reality game. Here is an excerpt from the story:

He entered a room that looked like a lounge in a Scandinavian ski chalet. A virtual fire was on in the virtual fireplace. Suspended midair over an ersatz Herman Miller sofa was a series of flags. He turned his head to the right, selected “1957” and hit the A button. He turned his head to the left, selected “Kenyon College” and hit the A button. The living room disappeared in a puff of smoke. When it cleared, he was standing in a cloistered room with black-and-white photos of old white men on every wall.