Author Stops Reading White Male Authors For a Year

By Dianna Dilworth 

Author K. T. Bradford wanted to refine her writing, so she started by limited what she read.

After reading a ton of stories that she didn’t connect with out outright hated, Bradford decided to create a new reading regime. For an entire year, she cut white male writers out of her diet. The author blogged about her experience for Jane. Check it out:

Limiting myself in this way also made me aware of how often certain magazines published whole issues in which no women or POC authors made an appearance. And pretty soon I didn’t even bother looking at those magazines when I went on my monthly search. When I ran out of known-to-me magazines, I went on the hunt and discovered several that published new-to-me writers and also a surprising number of magazines dedicated to under-heard voices.

Bradford is calling readers to take the challenge and take a year off from straight white male authors. Would you take this challenge?