Zimmerman Displays Its Mastery of Real-Time Marketing with Adele Jamba Juice Stunt

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember when “real-time marketing” first became a buzzword and 360i was riding high before everyone started talking about brand “war rooms” and then Digiday and some other publication ran competing stories about how no one’s clients had such rooms this year except for LG, whose in-house ads were pretty much universally considered to be some of the worst of Super Bowl 50?

Anyway…RTM is still real.

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  • Jamba Juice is a Zimmerman client
  • Adele went on Ellen this week, and the two pulled a stunt involving a Jamba Juice
  • The two made up some fake British juice thing which sounds absolutely awful
  • Zimmerman leapt into action

The video is long and we don’t really get it, but here it is.

Further proof that we don’t understand middle America and never will. Good thing we don’t work in advertising.

The folks at Zimmerman saw an opportunity here, and they jumped on it. We hear that the site SwishyChug.com went live less than six hours after the stunt aired on live TV!!!

The URL and the $2 off “rolling in the beets” coupon are real, but the smoothie itself is not…yet. A little birdie tells us that Jamba Juice may soon offer a beverage consisting of beets and sweet potatoes, which sounds just as nonsensical as every other thing that has happened in Britain over the past 20 years or so.

There’s a Twitter account too.

The first dude is feeling it. Not sure about the second.

We still don’t get why Adele is so popular, but we did like the one where she rapped in the car with the chubby British guy.