Zambezi Goes ‘Transparent’ for The Honest Company

By Erik Oster 

Venice, California-based agency Zambezi created a broadcast spot entitled Transparent to help The Honest Company launch its Lifestyle lineup of “non-toxic, eco-friendly, effective” cleaning products.

Unsurprisingly, the 30-second spot highlights the brand’s transparency, as the brand prides itself with being clear and open with customers and its cleaning liquid and the bottle it comes in are both clear. To illustrate transparency, while shooting for the cuteness factor, Zambezi created a spot around a little girl with X-Ray glasses. She uses them to find her father’s wallet as her mother is doing laundry, which she then trades for a cookie. As the father is wiping down the counter with, the girl slips the glasses on and off while looking at the kitchen cleaning liquid bottle, without a noticeable difference (since The Honest Company’s products are so transparent). While the ad may come across as a bit hokey and obvious at times, it’s refreshing how it nonchalantly features a mixed race family and both the cutesiness and the brand message should appeal to parents with young children. Unfortunately, the ad concludes with a tired attempt at humor, as the father slips on the X-Ray glasses to look at the mom. Waka waka.


Founder, CEO: Chris Raih
Executive Creative Director: Josh DiMarcantonio
Associate Creative Director: Nick Rodgers
Associate Creative Director: Ben George
Executive Producer: Alex Cohn
Senior Producer: Nathan Nowak
Managing Director: Pete Brown
Communications Director: Nicole Bush
Account Executive: Nicole Younger
Designer: Briana Espinosa
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Ric Cantor
Executive Producer/Managing Partner: Kevin Byrne
Executive Producer/Director of Sales: Dan Duffy
Executive Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Executive Producer: Nancy Hacohen
Producer: James Kadonoff
Production Supervisor: Nora Resnick
Editing House: Zambezi
Editor: Ling Ly
Asst Editor: Paul Oh
Composer: Claire George (track title: Hummingway)
Sound Design and Mix: Lime Studios
Color Correction: Apache Color