Y&R Chicago, Boursin ‘Wow Through the Holidays’

By Erik Oster 

Y&R Chicago recently concluded its “Wow Through the Holidays” mockumentary campaign for Bel Brand’s Boursin Cheese, which launched last month with “A Thanksgiving Statement” followed by “A Christmas Cake Miracle” (below).

Each video series opens with the text “As a cheese that wows, Boursin set out to find holiday party hosts that wow, too.” The hosts in question take their holiday parties perhaps a bit too seriously, like the woman in “A Christmas Cake Miracle” who calls a missing reindeer antler on the holiday cake she ordered from Boston “a disaster.” In the recently released “New Year Old Clock” a young couple throw their first party together. They “play with people’s conventions of what is a conventional vegetable” by making the carrots look like celery and vice versa. The message seems to be that with Boursin you don’t have to try so hard to throw the perfect party. That message probably could have been delivered with a lot less effort than the series of lengthy ads in “Wow Through the Holidays.” It seems that, like the characters in the spots, Y&R Chicago may have tried just a little bit too hard. In addition to the ads themselves, the characters are also being promoted through bios and GIFs on the brand’s social media channels. There’s also the “Purveyor of Wow Shop,” a curated collection of party planning tips and tricks on Pinterest.

Client: Bel Brands USA/Boursin Cheese
Marketing Director: Nathalie Dunand-Zaloum
Senior Associate Brand Manager: Matthew Barlow

Agency: Y&R Chicago
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Smallwood
Executive Creative Director: Pam Mufson
Head of Production: Brian Smego
Creative Director: Pam Fraser
ACD Copywriter: Samantha Gorelik
Senior Art Director: Estee Mathes
Senior Producer: Jonathan Goorvich
Production Business Manager: Pat McNaney
VP, Account Director: Kristyn Bannon
Account Supervisor: Lauren Crandall
SVP, Planning Director: Adrian Fogel

Production Company: Y&R Chicago
Producer/Director: Jonathan Goorvich
Editor: Ray Willis
Audio Engineer: John Koetz