180 Amsterdam Launches FC Barcelona-Fueled In-Flight Safety Video for Qatar Airways

By Erik Oster 

Following appearances by international soccer superstar Lionel Messi and his FC Barcelona teammates Luis Suarez, Neymar and Gerard Pique in a Qatar Airways spot last February, the squad has returned for a new flight safety video from 180 Amsterdam for the airline, as the soccer-crazy nation slaves away in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. 

The flight-safety video makes a series of parallels between preparing for flight and preparing to take to the pitch for an important match, beginning with clearing the locker room of stray clothing and clearing baggage from the aisles. Soccer parallels continue throughout, with spectators at a game demonstrating how to fashion your seatbelt. 180 Amsterdam finds clever ways to deliver the required information while keeping with its soccer theme, employing humor and star power to keep viewers’ attention. It doesn’t always work quite as well as planned, but as a whole makes for a fairly compelling flight safety video (at least as far as that is possible) and should definitely please FC Barcelona fans.

Executive Creative Directors: Dan Treichel, Dave Canning
Creative Director: Adam Noel
Creative Team: Ed Ryder, Luke Stone
Producer: Bethany Papenbrock
Account Manager: Jim O’Regan