YouTube To Try Yet Again To Make Some Cash

By SuperSpy 

With over 300 million users, YouTube is still not turning a profit and investors are getting ants in their pants. Someone has to do something. So, yesterday, Google announced that it would begin selling space on YouTube search-results pages to advertisers.
When a user searches the word “hot body,” they’ll get the usual soft core porn and along the side bar, a small image with text for say, Axe. Just like Google search results, advertisers will pay by clicks.

From The New York Times:

“I’ve always liked YouTube, but as an advertising mode, it’s difficult,” said Ashley Vinson, executive producer of integrated creative at the advertising agency DDB Chicago, adding that “I can get my videos to show up when people are doing searches, versus me sending my videos to 20 friends and hoping someone finds it.”

Other deals YouTube has cooking include: a webcast event titled, “YouTube Live,” which be held on November 22. The event will features stars such as Will.i.Am and YouTube celebrities such as Esmee Denters, who has posted video of herself covering popular tunes.

Plus, YouTube has signed a distribution deal with Yellowbook to feature their advertisers videos on the network.

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