Another $100M Account? This Time For W+K

By SuperSpy 

First Droga5, now W+K will take home $150M account. This time it’s Nokia giving up the cash. You’re not surprised right? W+K London has been doing some stellar work for the brand as of late.

From the Wieden & Kennedy blog:

“Awesome news! Wieden + Kennedy has been appointed as lead strategic and creative agency for Nokia’s Nseries business on a global basis following a pitch led by the team here in London (with help from Amsterdam) against incumbent Lowe/IPG.

Nseries is Nokia’s flagship sub-brand. It consists of a range of multimedia mobile devices. The convergence device market is growing, currently representing 40 million units a year, and Nokia is the market leader worldwide. It’s a landmark win for us – a huge piece of global business and the opportunity to do some really exciting, innovative work. It’s pretty meaningless to talk billings figures on a global appointment like this but Marketing Week quoted it as ‘[pounds]100 million’. It’s big, anyway.

This was one of those pitches where the plan came together beautifully. The team went into the meeting confident and enthusiastic and came out with the business. Nice.

We will begin work immediately, and first communications should roll out in 2009.”

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