WTF & Associates Is A Front For The AICP Awards

By SuperSpy 

Meet W.T.F and Associates– a new agency that “has a unique business model: leveraging the creative talents of renowned fine artists.” First of all what the fuck? Ha. In an email sent around to ad folk one can learn that: “There is no such thing as an original idea anymore – advertising hasn’t seen one in decades,” said John Bristol, CEO of the company: “At W.T.F., we change the paradigm by only working with the most accomplished artists, past and present, to successfully leverage their work and reputations to help brands cut through the clutter.” Also included was: “Novalis, the great 18th Century German poet, said: “The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist.”

It all sounds slightly ridiculous and it’s supposed to. Really, this whole thing is a front for The AICP Show – an ongoing archival project, which is judged by 400 advertising and production professionals, and is assembled by a curatorial panel of prominent industry leaders. Winning works ends up in the MOMA, so that’s a good thing. The website is truly annoying. If you want to get in on the competition, just head here.

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