One Agency’s Stimulus Package For Brands

By SuperSpy 

Advertising agency Stuck in My Head Media has launched a recession program for brands. The shop will give a $500.00 creative credit for brands and organizations who have limited resources.

“We’re a small business too. This ‘stimulus’ is designed to allow local businesses the opportunity to make a high-quality radio, television, or print ad for free with an annual partnership. Then they simply cover the costs for the actual exposure,” according to agency rep Nisa Dalmas of Stuck in My Head Media.

Five hundred smackers doesn’t sound like a lot in the way of credit, but consider that you are a small non-profit in Jacksonville, Florida where Stuck In My Head has one of its three offices. Perhaps, that $500 of work will push you to use the agency. It’s possible and we appreciate any agency doing what it has to, to survive in this economic crapola.

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