Wrath of Cannes: Come, drink with me

By Matt Van Hoven 

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As if we haven’t mentioned it enough, tomorrow in New York we’re celebrating the industry’s best and brightest (who happen to be/reside here) at Wrath of Cannes from 7-10 pm at the East River Bar. Hosted by: PorkSlap Ale (for a buck!), IRO Cycle (I really want one), Hickory Farms (Cheese Balls!), Woods Witt Dealy & Sons (again, cheeseballs) and AgencySpy (insert insult here).


Musical guest: You. No, that’s not the name of the band. Adholes can be thanked for the Rockband setup that you can play all night. Who needs real musicians? Ad folk can do anything!

There are only two categories in the event: Juniors and Steady Gigless (note from WoC: If you ogle or hit on the juniors, you will be asked to leave!).

Big thanks to Woods Witt Dealy & Sons for making this happen. And IRO Cycle which in this blogger’s opinion make some of the coolest bikes around and has provided one for the grand prize*.

And if you’re not a junior or unemployed, stop by anyway. No one important from your agency will be there, so it’s all good. Don’t bring your cards unless you plan to roll something in them (agencyspy does not promote nor condone the use of illegal drugs, especially if you get caught).

RSVP here: didier at wrathofcannes dot com. All entries must be made by 8 p.m. tomorrow!

Those who can go to the Riviera. Those who can’t go to the East River.

Did I mention I’m judging? I’m judging.

(*wwd&s, agency spy, East River Bar, and all sponsors bear no responsibility if you fall and bust your dumb ass.)