Kiran’s First Day Alone

By Matt Van Hoven 

I’ll be out of town Friday, leaving new freelance editor Kiran Aditham (formerly of Creativity, so AdAge) solely in charge of the site. Will he triumph or will he flounder? Hopefully, he comes back Monday.

Things to expect: an OpEd from your favorite thinker, Dean Crutchfield (well most of you didn’t like him, so naturally we’re giving you more!) &#151 he writes about the pesky trend of agencies not getting paid by clients for months; an illegal ad or two; a Cannes round-up and hopefully something worth reading. Don’t be easy on him, he can take it.

Oh, and in other news, faceless intern Ryan has created a Twitter account. Follow his antics at agencyspyintern. He’ll share fun stuff and what it’s like here at Kramerica…er, Mediabistro.

Update: If you’re having trouble following @agencyspyintern, it’s probably Twitter’s fault. They recently made the follow process take longer to process, so you may not see results immediately, which kinda sucks. More on the problems.

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