WPP Is Going To Deliver

By SuperSpy 

WPP Digital makes acquisitions and strategic investments in companies that improve the WPP’s offerings in the digital space, right? Okay, so know Digital includes something that WPP is calling Deliver. Neal Prescott (pictured above) will be the new unit’s CEO. Prescott was formerly the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Technology Enablement at Digitas. Sounds important.

What does Deliver do per se? It’s sort of like a dating service. A WPP agency needs to build a web experience for one of their clients, so they tap Deliver. The system (or is it a person?) runs through a database of production capabilities in all of its units from Asia to South Africa to channel the assignment to the best qualified shop within the WPP family.

Mark Read, Chief Executive Officer of WPP Digital said in a press release that: “By choosing to utilize Deliver, our agencies will be able to offer clients the best way to do the best work online at the best possible cost.”


All this is pretty vague. The press release (natch) doesn’t mention anything about how it works. What is known is that they can choose to use the system or not, which is kind of stupid. If it’s about price for WPP, which is seems to be, then it should be mandatory that you check the darn thing and see what pops up, rather than just go with your favorite.

I’ll give WPP this… they’re always finding ways to muck up the creative flow with more process.