Advertising Week: It’s That Time Again

By SuperSpy 

Advertising Week is almost upon us (September 22-26). Mark your calendars. Get pumped. It’s a long, long week. As usual, it’s time to vote for your favorite slogan and icons, one of each will be added to the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. Vote here. Nominees are listed after the jump. Warning: As usual, there’s about two thousand entrants in each category.

2008 Icon Nominees

1. AOL Running Man
2. Budweiser Clydesdales
3. Burger King
4. California Raisin (I feel like this poor raisin is up for it every year)
5. Captain Morgan
6. Crash Test Dummies
7. Doublemint Twins
8. Energy Hog
9. Jared (SUBWAY)
10.Jolly Green Giant
11.Fruit of the Loom
12.Geico Caveman
13.Keebler Elves
14.Little Debbie
15.Maytag Repairman
16.McGruff the Crime Dog (Another one who is always a bridesmaid…)
17.Mr. Clean
18.Mr. Mucus
19.MSN Butterfly
20.Roaming Gnome (Travelocity)
21.Serta Sheep
22.Smokey Bear (Suffers the same problem as McGruff and that poor little raisin)
23.Snap! Crackle! Pop!
24.Toucan Sam
25.Twinkie the Kid
26.Vlasic Stork

2008 Slogan Nominees

1.”All the News That’s Fit to Print.” (The New York Times)
2.”I Love New York.” (New York State Department of Economic Development)
3.”Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” (U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
4.”Give a Hoot. Don’t Pollute.” (USDA Forest Service)
5.”What Can Brown Do For You?” (UPS)
6.”Got milk?” (California Milk Processor Board)
7.”Have It Your Way” (Burger King)
8.”I Live For This” (Major League Baseball)
9.”I Want My MTV” (MTV)
10.If You See Something, Say Something.” (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
11.”These Guys Are Good” (PGA TOUR, Inc.)
13.”Just Do It.” (Nike)
14.”Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.” (USDA Forest Service)
15.”Take a Bite Out of Crime.” (National Crime Prevention Council)
16.”Intel Inside” (Intel Corporation)
17.”Eat Fresh” (SUBWAY)
18.”The Ultimate Driving Machine” (BMW)
19.”Think Outside the Bun” (Taco Bell Corp.)
20.”This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” (Partnership for a Drug-Free America)
21.”Priceless” (MasterCard)
22.”We Deliver For You”(U.S. Postal Service)
23.”What Happens Here, Stays Here.” (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)
24.”Wii Move You” (Nintendo)
25.”Army Strong.” (The U.S. Army)
26.”America Runs on Dunkin'” (Dunkin’ Donuts)