‘Workforce Reduction’ at Razorfish

By Patrick Coffee 


Razorfish will announce more cuts to its global staff today.

Following March’s dismissal of 20-30 North American employees and another round of cuts in July that involved what tipsters told us was a total of approximately 100 individuals, an agency spokesperson confirmed that more staffers have been let go today. The internal announcement, according to a reader, will happen right around the time this post goes live. Here’s the official statement:


In an effort to shape our organization to align with our clients’ progressing needs, we have made a workforce reduction. The adjustment impacts less than 2% of our global headcount and will reinforce Razorfish’s ability to enable business transformation, which has been a primary source of our growth. Razorfish brings intelligence together with technology, media and creative to drive our clients’ business forward. We remain focused on delivering best-in-class work for our clients and are looking forward to playing a major role in the recently announced Razorfish Global Network.

Neither PR nor readers gave us more details on the cuts, and based on the agency’s own Wikipedia page (which is apparently “written like an advertisement“), that 2 percent amounts to approximately 40 staffers at locations not specified in the quote above.

As a reminder, news from the Razorfish team hasn’t all been negative. The agency hired Michael Chamberlain, formerly of BBDO, to run its San Francisco office less than a month ago, and recent employee reviews note its “really positive working atmosphere.

No updates on clients, campaigns, or the reason for this adjustment.