W+K Portland Addies “Rejoice” Over Regime Change

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you haven’t already read Greg Solman’s AdWeek piece, “Senior Creatives Shift at Wieden” (July 7), you may not know that W+K Portland has swapped out ECDs, “Steve Luker and Jelly Helm, who took over lead creative roles at the end of 2006.”

If you did read that piece, what you didn’t know (but may have surmised) is that the two don’t play well with others (I mean, it said that on their third grade report cards &#151 hello, who the ef was their hiring manager?)


Here’s what our spy had to say.

“Luker and Helm are out as ECD’s at Wieden!!!! There is rejoicing in Portland. Those guys were a disaster. There was a mass exodus that finally had to stop. Mark Fitzloff who does old Spice and Susan Hoffman who has been there over 20 years will take over.”

Said exodus-ala-Moses included Nike creative Mike Folino, who departed in March, 07 and Nike Global Account Dir. Rebecca Van Dyck; according to AdWeek.

“Helm will return to supervision of Wieden’s WK12 in-house advertising school, effectively exchanging positions with Hoffman. Luker is expected to meet with principal Dan Wieden this week to determine his future at the network.”

Bummer for those chaps. Guys, give us a ring and let’s get your side eh?