Jeremy Miller Ain’t Demoted

By Matt Van Hoven 

sConsider this a retraction. All the strikes you see below come after a nice chat with Mr. Miller concerning a rumor that he’d been demoted for having loose lips. He assures me that the position he’s held for the last seven years is still his, and there’s been no such change. Furthermore, “loose lips” are subjective pieces of flesh, so let’s not worry too much about defining them. Below is what I wrote pre-convo.

You’ve all seen HBO’s Entourage, yes? Then you’ll not be surprised then when I compare TBWA/Chiat/Day (LA) PR hack Jeremy Miller to Entourage’s Jeremy Piven.

Well I should be fair, I suppose. I’ve never met the guy, but a few close colleagues have imparted their impressions and in this world, that’s all it takes. Anyway, here’s the scoop (which Jeremy assures me is not true).


“Jeremy Miller, everyone’s favorite PR guy (TBWA) has been taken down a few pegs for having loose lips. Give JM a few few cocktails and there are no secrets.”

Hey Jer, don’t forget to refill the tp. That wouldn’t look so good on the resume.

This is the biz, I guess. Onward and lateral.