W+K, Old Spice Call Ray Lewis For Extra Safety

By Michael Musco 

Here’s a good strategy from Old Spice by using someone like the NFL’s deadliest linebacker ever, Ray Lewis, to portray protection. That’s basically all a deodorant is really good for anyways.

We think some parties may have thought that initial idea was a little too first thought,dropped some acid and went to town on it. Why couldn’t it be an Old Spice guy classic, “Look at me. Now look at him. Now look back at me, I’m Ray Lewis and I’m good at protecting people yada yada yada and so on?”


No. Stick him on a huge raven and have him blow up Saturn? Why? What did Saturn ever do to Old Spice? Is blowing up Saturn enough to make Ray Lewis the new Old Spice Guy? Is being on a rocket-bird as good as being on a horse? We think this ad raises more questions than it does answers.

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